How to have a successful live video consultation

BeautyQuest app makes it every easy for you to find and book private live video consultation with plastic surgeons, all is within one BeautyQuest app

If your favorite doctor on BeautyQuest is not offering Free Consultation, you may want to call them and ask for an Offer Code for Free Consultation. Doctor or his staff can also book you a free consultation on BeautyQuest

Important! Turn on BeautyQuest app notification

BeautyQuest app uses app notification to send you reminder of the appointment. You should turn on Notification function for BeautyQuest app from Setttings->BeautyQuest->Notifications

Know what you can do in a video consultation.

Ask questions about minor problems or potential procedures, plan for future treatment, and follow up on previous procedures.

Your privacy in a video consultation.

Your provider agrees to maintain absolute privacy for you during the video consultation and follow proper doctor patient relationship, the same privacy and ethical standard to follow when they see you in their office. You can disconnect video call at anytime and report to us. We will refund your money (if it was a paid consultation), investigate and take appropriate action toward the provider.

Be ready at appointment time.

Check for your appointment detail under MyQuest page. Be ready with your phone 5 minutes before the appointment. Call doctor at the appointment time by pressing on the CONNECT button in the appointment detail page after appointment time.

Set yourself up.

BeautyQuest works on both Apple iPhone and Android phone. Download the app from App store or from download buttons on page. The better your doctor can see and hear you, the more useful the consultation will be. Make sure you have good Wifi or cellular connection, make sure your camera and audio working. Sit in a spot with good lighting and (and privacy if needed). Attach notes and pictures to the appointment if needed.

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