Note*. If you receive a text message from BeautyQuest which informs you of an upcoming appointment and asks you to download BeautyQuest, it is because your doctor has scheduled you an appointment. Download BeautyQuest app. Use the login and password from the text message, login into the app and go to the My Quest page. Select your appointment. When the appointment time comes, a button CONNECT will appear and you will be ready to connect to your doctor.

10 Most Frequently Asked Questions for Users

1. Who are the doctors on the app?

Qualified doctors who have their credentials and identity vetted by us can provide video consultation service on our system. They will be available for booking. For informational, we also list some other qualified local providers on the system, however, they may not yet be available for your booking.

2. What if my preferred surgeon is not on the app or not available for booking?

Please talk to your surgeon or let us know, we would love to bring your surgeon on board. BeautyQuest can be used for post surgery follow up video call.

3. Is it FREE consultation?

Some providers may offer FREE consultation session. However, there is a nominal platform service fee of $5 per call, payable by credit/debit card, unless you got an offer code from the providers.

4. How long is the consultation session?

Consultation session can be 15-minute or 30-minute. When you check 2 open 15-minute slot next to each other, you are booking a 30-minute session.

5. How to book a 30 minute session?

Doctor schedule of availability are in 15 minute slots. You can book a 30 minute appointment if you check 2 of the 15-minute slots next to each other.

6. I have issue with booking. Where to get help?

Please email or chat to us at anytime.

7. Can I reschedule an appointment?

Since doctor’s schedule is tight, you need to contact us via email or chat to cancel your appointment. You can also message the doctor or contact doctor office and ask to reschedule the appointment.Doctor can reschedule appointment for you without charging additional fee.

8. Should I allow BeautyQuest app notification? YES!!!!

Please turn on BeautyQuest app notification from your phone setting if you have not already done it at installation. BeautyQuest uses app notification to send you reminder of your appointment. If you have a contact phone number, 3 hours before your appointment, we also send you a text message reminder to call your doctor on BeautyQuest at appointment time, unless it is too close to the appointment time.

9. When to call the doctor? (At appointment time!!!)

You can video call the doctor from BeautyQuest appointment detail view by clicking on the CONNECT button. The button will only available right at or after your appointment time. Since doctor are often very busy, it is your responsibility to call your doctor at appointment time.

10. When to end the call?

You can end your call at any time. Unless either you or your doctor ends the call early, the system will show a count down 2 minutes before ending the call. At their discretion, Doctor can also extend 5 minutes to the call if needed.

BeautyQuest Commitment To Our Users

Our users privacy is our ultmost imporant commitment.  Doctors on our platform have their credentials and identities doubled verified before being able to take your appointement. Video calls are made on SSL encrypted peer-to-peer protocol directly between doctors and clients and no video call data saved by us or any third party.

BeautyQuest, Inc is a US Delaware Corporation headquartered in Southern California.

FAQ for Plastic Surgeons and Other Providers

1. How do I sign up for BeautyQuest waiting list?

We are enrolling local Plastic Surgeons and other beauty experts on a limited first come first serve basic. Please sign up here send us an email at

2. How much do you charge monthly? (Short Answer: NOTHING)

We do not charge providers any fees.

  • If you offer Free consultation sessions to clients, we charge the client a platform service fee $5 per session. This is a small nominal fee but will ensure bad agents spamming the system.
  • If you choose to charge a fee for your 15-minute or 30-minute session, we take a 10% transaction fee that includes payment processing and platform services.

3. What device do you support?

You can make video call from your phone. We support iPhone and Android Phone. You can also make video call from your computer.  We support Chrome extension.

4. How do I set my availability schedule?

After you sign up and get approved, we will send you a detail step by step how to set your availability schedule. We make it easy for you And your staff to set your schedule.

5. I am very busy, can my staff manage your schedule?

Yes, you can add your staff into your account to mange your schedule. Your staff will have their own login. For privacy, your staff will not be able to receive video call from client. More details will be provided in our user guide.

6. I am concern about my client privacy on Video call

Clients are not required to file out personal identification or medical records. Although initiated from our website or BeautyQuest app, all video data are exchange between you and your clients, encrypted in SSL. There is no third party server in the middle and we absolutely do not have access to video communication.

7. After signing up, can I stop receiving consultation?

Yes, if you are not open any time for booking, then there is no booking.

9. Can I terminate my account and export my data?

Yes, you can terminate your account and export clients and booking data anytime.

10. Can I use BeautyQuest to book appointment for existing clients?

Yes, you can book appointment for your client. Detail will be given after you signed up

BeautyQuest brings you the convenience of video consultation with your doctors and beauty experts, reduce office visit during this Covid19 time.

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